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Apptech Services, based in the Dallas, Texas, area, is a web design and application development company specializing in business websites, hosting, custom PHP and database programming, system administration, and turnkey E-commerce applications. Because of the wide variety of service requests we receive (existing site repair and update, starter pages, custom programming, relational databases, staff training), we do not have package pricing (one size fits all), except for template websites, but instead quote firm pricing based on an estimation of the time required for the project. Contract programming, spec development, and site maintenance are also available.
Apptech has developed or maintained, under contract, interactive applications for clients from Japan to England, including Stanford University, Abbott Labs, McDonalds Corp., The Walker Companies, ActToNavigateChange, Inc., Expert Traders, Inc., The Wilmington Institute of Dallas, Eldorado Investments, and Level Ten Design. While larger scale applications require preliminary development of a requirements document and detailed specifications, small business applications can often be fast-tracked to save on costs.

No longer in business.

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