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Real Estate Websites

In 1999, Apptech purchased the assets of Premier Agents, a leading host and designer of websites for real estate agents. Since that time, we have been involved in developing features specific to the industry. Realtors are in an unusual situation:
  1. they need a website, as many people do research on the web prior to actively looking for a new home (and often choose a realtor based on that research)
  2. they typically are not inclined to spend $5000 on a website, until they see how much ROI they can recover
  3. they need a content management system, to make (often) daily updates to online home listings
  4. they often need (or want) access to MLS searches, so that visitors will return often
  5. they want to keep visitors on their site
Because of programming overhead, the features listed above are usually mutually exclusive, and such a site could be relatively expensive.

Apptech to the rescue. Because we already have a stable codebase for the applications described above, and experience with realtors, we can build such a site for under $2000 -- sometimes a lot less, depending on requested customization. Combine this with our templated Express websites, and you can have what the "big boys" have for a fraction of the price.

Real estate sites may include any combination of these features:

  • Home listings, with pictures, descriptions, prices
  • Client testimonials, with pictures
  • MLS database searches (where available)
  • User tracking
  • Contact forms
  • Advanced metrics system to track hits, referrers, keywords, path tracking
  • Multiple email accounts
  • Content Management System for uploading images, adding/deleting/editing records
  • Backend database
  • All sites are turn-key, ready to run

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