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Website Case Studies

A realtor in Long Beach, CA, already had a website, but needed it redone with features involving programming, and including a Content Management System. He was already knowledgeable in sales and marketing, but needed a mechanism for tracking visitors, getting contact information, and closing sales. A management system for listings and testimonials was a start, but it was decided that MLS searches would attract more potential clients. Most realtors have access to such a search, but usually the interface is generic, and provides no means for the realtor to know who is searching, or for what type of property. The MLS provider did not have a very sophisticated API, but we developed a system for importing the database each night. A custom interface requires each user to register, which triggers an email to the site owner. Each new search also triggers a system email to the site owner, so before he calls them, he knows where they live, the area and price range they are looking at, and any changes they have made to their search criteria. The website generated over 100 times the cost of development. The realtor is now deceased.

A family physician near Dallas, TX, needed a way for patients to submit paperwork online ahead of appointments, so the staff would have time to key the data into their system, and speed up patient processing. We designed and built a form that is dynamically generated in one of four configurations, depending on user criteria. The data is submitted to the office staff over an encrypted connection. Patients can also print out certain legally-required confidentiality forms, which they can bring to their appointment. That doctor has since retired.

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